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Minimize Testing Maximize Learning Vision Statement:

Students in Monroe County are being asked to take an excessive number of standardized tests, which have little or no direct benefit to the students themselves. This focus on high stakes, standardized testing has led to a narrowed curriculum, depriving children of an engaging, well-rounded education.

We believe a student’s success cannot be measured by a standardized test. Monroe County Schools should focus on programming in problem solving, creative thinking, arts, responsible citizenship and computer literacy to foster a student’s curiosity, creativity and imagination. True success is based on more than minimum proficiency; if we minimize testing we can maximize learning.


Monroe County public school students are asked to spend hours being tested with non state-mandated tests in the school year. Many of these tests and the data collected are redundant. An excessive amount of tax dollars are spent on voluntary, non state-mandated testing in Monroe County annually. We support using that money and that time to let teachers teach our children.


  • benefits to both students and teachers.
  • Inform Monroe County Parents regarding the excessive amount of time children are spending taking standardized tests and how excessive standardized testing impacts a student’s education.
  • Inform Monroe County Taxpayers of the excessive amount of money being spent on the preparation for and administration of both mandated and non-mandated standardized testing.
  • Minimize standardized testing in Monroe County Public Schools to the bare minimum required to be in compliance with state law and demand that all administered standardized tests have direct benefits to both students and teachers.
  • Replace excessive testing with programs that promote creative thinking, problem solving, arts, responsible citizenship and computer literacy.
  • Advocate for similar changes at the state and federal level.


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