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What can you do to help? This is a grass roots effort and every voice helps! The time to act is NOW!

Call to Action 2/23/2015
Help us lobby for this positive Bill.  Please send a letter TODAY to the entire Florida House and Senate Education Committees. There is a sample letter below and key addresses follow at the bottom.  Let’s be heard and make a difference!

Here is sample letter you can personalize:


Please give all parents the same choice in testing and accountability that Florida’s legislature gave to Voucher students last year. Please support Representative Mayfield’s HB 877, allowing public school parents and districts to choose a state approved, nationally normed, alternative assessment (like Stanford Achievement or Iowa Test of Basic Skills). If this type of assessment is adequate for voucher students, it should be adequate for all our children.

At the National Summit 2014, Doug Tuttle, Step Up for Students, encouraged law makers to allow the option of norm referenced national tests (for voucher students), suggesting that data from such tests is more than adequate to determining whether public education dollars are well spent. “We really think, from a policy perspective, it does not make any sense to mandate that everybody has to take the criterion-referenced state test, that it ought to be an option to take the norm referenced national test, that researchers can do some comparisons that inform you as policy makers and it does allow families to have real choice in ways that empowers them and allows them to make a difference in their children’s lives.” Why can’t all of Florida’s schoolchildren have this choice?

I sincerely urge you to support HB 877.

Thank you,



Florida Senate Ed. Committee member email addresses:

Florida House Ed. Committee member email addresses:
Monroe County School Board email addresses at:

What can you do to learn more and make a difference??

  1. Sign up to our Mailing list and Stay Informed. All emails to mailing list are sent Blind Copy (BCC). Encourage your friends to join.
  2. Participate in our Calls to Action. Join our current letter writing campaign now. Phone calls work as well. (LINK HERE)
  3. Like us on Facebook and share our posts on your personal feed.
  4. Share what you have learned. Please share our emails, especially our Calls to Action.
  5. Join your schools SAC and PTA and share information with other parents.
  6. Invite us to speak at your Organization’s meeting. We are available to give presentations about standardized testing to your group.

Contact your local representatives with your concerns about testing:

Monroe County School Board.

State Education Committees

Find your local representative here:

Florida Senate:

Florida House:



TODAY, CALL Senator Lamar Alexander’s Office  (202) 224-4944 and urge a return tograde span testing (once in elementary, once in middle, one in high school):  The return to grade span testing (once in elementary, middle and high school) is an important first step toward restoring standardized testing to its appropriate use in education, while still giving policy makers and elected officials a valid snapshot of what is happening in schools.

TODAY, CALL Senator Legg’s Office (850-487-5017 or 813-909-9919) and explain to them that the 5% testing limit in SB 616 translates to 1 hour every three days which is entirely too much. This would be a major increase in the amount of testing in our schools. Remind him that standardized testing of any kind is developmentally inappropriate for students K-2.  Demand developmentally appropriate testing for all students based on Education best practices.Also, plan to call or email the Senate Education Committee regularly regarding testing issues: Remind the Senate Education Committee that last year they approved a model of Accountability for publicly funded Voucher students allowing parents to choose between a nationally normed state approved test and the state assessment (SB850 Section 17). If this type of assessment is adequate for voucher students, it should be adequate for ALL of Florida’s children. Tell them you want Choice in Accountability, allowing parents, schools and districts to choose a state approve, nationally normed, alternative assessment (like Stanford Achievement or Iowa Test of Basic Skills)

Florida Senate Ed. Committee member email addresses: 850-487-5001 850-487-5003 850-487-5039 850-487-5026 850-487-5017 850-487-5029 850-487-5010 850-487-5015 850-487-5028 850-487-5030 850-487-5022 850-487-5027 850-487-5038 850-487-5033








Legislative Agenda/ Call to Action

-Letter writing tips

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